Desert Diamond Simulants

Desert Diamonds simulants are the highest grade diamond simulants available on the market today. Our stones are made from a chemical composition created to imitate the qualities of natural diamond and selected to meet our specifications. All our stones are of exceptional quality (equivalent to D colour and VSI grade) and are impossible to distinguish from real diamonds to the naked eye.  They are rated 8.5 on the MOHS scale of hardness compared to a diamond which, with a rating of 10, is the hardest natural substance.  In common with diamonds, the simulants used in Desert Diamonds jewelry do not discolor, become brittle or crack with age. The stones are cut using the same faceting technique as a diamond and hand polished with diamond powder. This highly skilled process results in the final precision of cut, luster, brilliance and longevity of the stone.

Desert Diamonds stones are available in countless different shapes and sizes; please visit our online shop to view.  We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our stones.